“I had the nuts and bolts, I just needed exposure”

We were asked to help the new company gain media attention to two targeted audiences. Within three months VIP VA had appeared in many media outlets, including a front-page magazine cover, and grown their customer base.

Client: VIP VA
PR reach: 350,000 +

To gain exposure for the new company. VIP VA has two audiences, high-quality Virtual Assistants and the companies who will hire them so we needed to reach both these audiences. Founder, Charlotte Wibberley, had the nuts and bolts and her business in place, she just needed exposure and to be seen as the authority in her field to take her business to the next level.

Within three weeks of working together, VIP VA was getting a lot of attention. A press release was immediately picked up and published by 2 media outlets. Founder, Charlotte, had confirmed two magazine articles, one magazine front cover and double page feature, as well as multiple podcast interviews. This resulted in more leads, clients, online follower growth, and the opportunity to organise their own conference.

“I had the nuts and bolts, I just needed exposure. The defining moment for me was confidence of knowing I did have a story others wanted to hear. I loved working together. A big thank you!”

Charlotte Wibberley, Founder, VIP VA

About us:
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